The Chart – An easy-to-use behavior measurement tool you can use to educate, train and make a positive change in your students, employees, and learners.

The Chart can elevate your ability to:

  1. Teach your students
  2. Train your employees
  3. Coach your athletes
  4. Treat patients and more


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The Chart allows users, who are called Charters, to analyze and predict future performance through visual analysis to see trends in the performer’s behavior. During the analysis users are able to isolate behaviors to make a more informed decision and to work on the individual skills of the overall behavior. Each change allows the user to make a more accurate prediction of how that change can affect the learner’s progress.

Announcements, Newsletter and Researcher Spotlight

Researcher Spotlight

We are pleased to present Abigail Calkin, Ph.D. as our first researcher selected for the Researcher Spotlight.

Precision Measurement Mentor Program

First Wednesday of every month in 2024
4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST

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Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town

Reciepient of the 2023 Ogden R. Lindsley Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. John Eshleman 

SCS Town Hall

March 18, 2024

7 P.M. EST

Only current SCS members will be emailed an invitation to attend

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Charting Webinar

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Tyler Curtis Elliot

Tyler Curtis Elliot

SCS Member

Thank you all for such a wonderful first-time experience at the conference.

I just tried to explain my experiences during Carl Binder’s speech to my roommate, but words were not enough.

I didn’t know that hearing that huge history of behavior analysis (more specifically precision teaching) was exactly what I needed. I am quite literally barely an adult- it is difficult for me to fathom 50 years of time. Hearing the last 50 years laid out before me was unreal. For the first time in my career, I was able to wrap my head around the significant contributions that every single person made in helping develop from SCRATCH the foundations for the science that I take for granted. The metaphor of standing on the backs of giants truly became a reality. I experienced connection and empowerment and passion. I hated that it came to an end.

Okay, I’ll stop droning on at this point. It was an HONOR to meet your PT family, thanks for having me.

Angela Bryson

Angela Bryson

SCS Member

I love how approachable SCS members are! Especially when you’ve seen their names in textbooks and countless articles and they are willing to take the time to talk to you. I gained an amazing mentor who has shown me not only how to use the standard celeration chart but to examine the instructional design in my ABA programming and become a better behavior analyst. The support members give to others to learn more about precision teaching, behavior fluency, charting, how to get published, and furthering your competence and knowledge in a topic is immeasurable.

Liz Lefebre

Liz Lefebre

SCS Member

As a member who has been involved in various roles for more than 10 years, I can confidently say that the SCS’s commitment to providing learning opportunities and fostering professional and personal relationships is unparalleled. Whether as a participant at different events or as a member of the team, I have seen firsthand how the SCS creates a supportive environment for growth and connection. The knowledge and skills I’ve gained through being a part of the SCS family have been invaluable, and the relationships I’ve built have been truly meaningful. Thank you, SCS, for enriching my life with an unwavering dedication to learning and community.

The Standard Celeration Society (SCS)

The Standard Celeration Society (SCS) offers tools, resources, training, and communities of practice for using a simple but powerful measurement and decision-making technology called the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) that is applicable to a broad range of human endeavors. We share an effective, evidence based technology to measure behavior and precisely predict future performance.

The Chart is becoming more widespread to examine data and make critical decisions for learners, businesses, and individuals.

Mental health clinicians, physicians, healthcare leaders, business consultants, educators, researchers, public officials, community members, and behavior analysts all make use of the chart.