How to: Reset your password & log into the updated membership portal

Step 1- Click on Login found at the top right corner of the website.

Step 2-  Click on the highlighted “Lost your password”



Step 3-  Enter in the email associated with your membership and press on the reset password button.



Step 4-  Go to your email inbox and locate the email with the password reset link.


If you do not see this in your inbox within 10 minutes:

  • Check your spam folder
  • If it is not in your spam folder, go back to Step 3
    • make sure you enter the email address in correctly
    • If you still do not get the email, you may have set the account up with a different address. Try another email address or Contact for help




Step 5-  Create a new password. 



Step 6-  Your browser may ask if you want to save or update your password for the site. This is up to you.

Do not save your password on a public computer!



Step 7-  Login! 

From here you can register for the conference by clicking on the “Conference” tab at the top right.


Double check your current membership by clicking on “My Membership.” If your membership is expired, you will not be able to purchase the conference at the member discount price.