It has been the mission of Kirk Kirby to incorporate the science of human behavior and Precision Teaching to help change the world. As the co-founder of TeamABA, Kirk has taken that mission to the forefront by creating one of the most unique companies in the world.

Kirk holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Virginia Union University, a Masters of Arts in English from Virginia Commonwealth University and a graduate certificate in Sports Psychology and Performance from Ashworth College. He is currently seeking a Psy.D. focusing on Sports and Performance Psychology from Ashford University.  The proud native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania started his career in behavior analysis over a decade ago by co-founding the Washington DC metropolitan area based SPARKS-ABA along with his wife, Beverly Kirby, BCBA, LBA and Soraya Dos Santos, BCBA, LBA.

After his collegiate and “cup of coffee” professional playing days were completed, Kirk continued to be involved in sports by coaching various levels of athletes in football, basketball, and baseball for over twenty five years. His passion for sports, Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching, diversity within the field, and ABA program opportunities for Historically Black Colleges and Universities has the driven the entrepreneur to travel all over the country disseminating the science to all that will listen.


Precision Coaching: The Next Level of Performance Analysis for the Next Generation of Sports, Health, and Fitness Coaching

Author: Kirk Kirby, et al

Abstract: We live in a world where information is paramount in measuring success. No matter if you are a busy professional trying to maintain a fitness schedule or you are a general manager of a professional sports team looking to take the next big step in route to a championship; it’s all the same, performance data rules the day. This critical data has become much more accessible to all of us with the advent of a variety of amazing apps and devices to quantify our results in real time. However, are we only looking at accumulated performance data in a very narrow scope? Are we limiting our intake of information that can be conveyed? We cannot leave such important data on the table. This is the same information that can lead to establishing an effective and sustainable exercise plan or selecting the most productive player in the 1st round. 

As analysts in the field of sports, health, and fitness, we are on a distinct mission to educate the world about measuring behaviors related to performance that incorporates environmental changes and predictability, all through the lens of a Standard Celeration Chart. This talk will introduce three diverse training programs done by TeamABA using an SCC to measure performance in Track and Field, Strength and Conditioning, and how private event charting can be extraordinary tool in create training interventions that can identify barriers in achieving behavioral objectives in competition. We live in a new age, the rise of the Precision Coach.

Set up:

Three,5-7 minute prerecorded presentations from

  1. Jennifer McCann-Track
  2. Talyor Williams-Strength & Conditioning
  3. Christine Hoffner-Barthold