About the Standard Celeration Society

MISSION: Our mission is to enable measurement of learning and performance to better understand, manage, and accelerate the well-being of individuals, organizations, and the world. We offer tools, resources, training, and communities of practice for using a simple but powerful measurement and decision-making technology called the Standard Celeration Chart that is applicable to a broad range of human endeavors.

VISION: We have deep roots in nearly 100 years of basic behavior science and its application. Our members use the Standard Celeration Chart to monitor both ongoing performance and changes in performance to make discoveries and decisions that affect individuals, groups, and whole organizations. Chart-based discoveries and decisions can also support evaluation, research, and development in many fields.

We are committed to expanding the use of this technology to different disciplines and users who seek more effective solutions, clearer analyses, and impactful decisions.  We invite people to explore possible applications, especially applications that can work to expand the use of standard celeration charting to support populations who experience barriers.

DIVERSITY COMMITMENT: We are committed to creating equitable learning environments (both for professionals and ultimately for clients) for people of all income levels, ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, spiritual and religious affiliations, neurotypes, abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

The Values of the Standard Celeration Society that guide our behavior in fulfilling on our Mission:


The SCS is committed to building a community dedicated to the contribution and connection of our members while bringing respect and generosity to our interactions.


 We will make decisions with respect to our values and we are committed to being transparent and rely on members for input.


 We will cultivate a culture and a space that is open and inviting and encourages equity through supporting differences within the community.


We value the history and legacy of the science and practice and strive to stand on the shoulders of those giants to advance those areas.


 We hold firm the stance that all members operate with kindness throughout their verbal and nonverbal interactions.

The Board of Directors of the Standard Celeration Society values communication, transparency, and accessibility. If you would like to contact the Board for any reason, please email board@celeration.org.